About Us

What We Do

We are in the business of protecting lives and investment in an affordable and cost-efficient manner. We provide patented smart technology for earthquake safety. People and buildings using our products are premium, state-of-the-art and need not fear even the most damaging of the earthquakes. We are the only ones to be listed in the Space Technology Hall of Fame and have been recognized by NASA for use aerospace technology to improve and save lives on Earth. We partner with building owners, corporates, developers and builders to increase marketability of the buildings they own/construct and increase their profits. We offer advanced customized solutions for earthquake, wind, shock and vibration problems. Our product range includes the world’s best and one of its kind Dampers that can be used in new and existing buildings, bridges. Our products are also used in aerospace, defence and industrial application. The company and its staff hold over 90 patents, which is unique and unparallel in our industry.

Who We Are

We are the world leaders in innovative shock and vibration control for over 60 years. We manufacture state-of-the–art dampers, built to aerospace quality standards and having a warranty of 35 years. Our dampers don't degrade with age, are maintenance-free and don't need service or replacement after a big earthquake. Our dampers remain as new even after a large earthquake thereby protecting buildings from after shocks and future earthquakes. We so configure our dampers that the same damper will protect the structure with equal efficiency from earthquakes ranging from very small to small to moderate to large and very large. This in turn saves costs and makes the safety system of the building smarter and efficient.

How We Work

We partner with building owners, architects, structural engineers, developers and government agencies and offer them a one-point solution to all their seismic safety needs. We can provide damper design, supply and testing services. We even provide site supervision services when damper installation is under progress. When it comes to retrofit and upgrade of existing buildings we come on board as turnkey damper contractor. Design of dampers is undertaken as per the international design code ASCE-7 using most advanced non-linear time history analysis, a service being offered only by a handful of structural engineers.

What We Believe In

We believe in making the world a safer place. Earthquakes don’t kill but unsafe buildings surely do. We believe in keeping families, children and businesses safe. We believe in acting now rather than repenting later. We believe that it is cost efficient to evaluate and strengthen buildings using dampers now rather than feel sorry when an earthquake strikes. We believe that all new buildings should be designed and constructed to a higher safety standard than the minimum and this can easily be done using our dampers. We like to think of the analogy of a student trying to secure the minimum 33% marks and pass or aiming for 80% marks. Our dampers can achieve higher safety at near zero or minimal extra costs. The cost paid for dampers gets offset by the savings made in structural costs, life-cycle costs, insurance costs and increased lease or sale revenues. Buildings with dampers sell better, sell higher and get more rent.

Taylor Devices Inc was incorporated in the year 1955 in the United States. Ever since we have manufactured fluid viscous dampers, giving us extensive experience and a proven track record of quality, robustness and success. Today, more than 700 iconic buildings and bridges uses our technology to provide benefits to its occupants and provide business opportunity to developers, owners and builders so as to increase their profits and achieve faster sales by offering better product and beating the competition. 
Our Technology is
Proven in repeated earthquakes world over
Cost Effective 
Zero Maintenance
Aerospace Quality
35 years of Warranty
Taylor Devices India Pvt. Ltd. is the exclusive sales representative of Taylor Devices Inc. Taylor Devices India works as a turnkey damper contractor taking on the complete responsibility for seismically upgrading the building by installation of dampers.