Machined Springs

Taylor Devices’ Machined Springs offer high precision, lightweight, tension/compression operation, linearity, long life, and repeatability – with a selection of metal alloys limited only by the imagination.Machine Springs Taylor Devices

Originally developed and qualified for military systems, our Machined Springs are used today on diverse applications, including the International Space Station, newly deployed helicopters, commercial aircraft engines, space vehicle rocket engines, aircraft cargo handling systems, an abort system for a NASA rocket, a classified U.S. Navy shipboard shock mitigation system, and precision vibration isolation systems for airborne military optical systems, among many others.

Highly precise analytical capabilities, as well as unique manufacturing processes, allow Taylor Devices to produce Machined Springs to extremely stringent customer requirements.

Benefits of Machined Springs include:

  1. Precision control of spring rate; usually ±2% or better.
  2. Tuning to establish a specific load at a specified height.
  3. Materials including high strength steels, stainless steels, and various high temperature alloys.
  4. Designed for ultimate fatigue resistance.
  5. Simultaneous control of spring rate for operation in compression, tension, shear, and torsion.
  6. Machined-in end fittings provide easy and rigid attachment.
  7. Available styles include helical, double start helical, and non-twisting beam types.
  8. Maximum corrosion resistance by using various special alloys and special coatings.
  9. Accurately tunable to a specific natural frequency.
  10. High linearity – Machined Springs are inherently linear because residual stresses are eliminated and the coils never rest against each other as the spring deflects.  Spring rate is the same in both tension and compression.
  11. Damping can be added using special materials.
  12. One-piece construction – Mounting flanges, attachment threads and other fittings can be part of the Machined Spring.  The Spring can be an integral part of the machine instead of an add-on.

Taylor Devices’ Machined Springs are designed and manufactured for each specific application.  Simply provide us with your desired specifications and we will promptly provide a quotation.