Fluidicshoks & Shock Absorbers

Half the size, half the cost of competitive Hydraulic Shock Absorbers - A few reasons why Fluidicshoks® are the longest-lived, most reliable shock absorbers available anywhere.

Fluidicshoks: Small, extremely compact shock absorbers, so simple in design that they have only five major parts. Capacities of up to 19,200 inch-pounds are available from 15 basic sizes. Reset is accomplished either by low force internal coil springs, or by a high force internal liquid spring. The liquid spring reset is superior to competitive shock absorbers because it prevents dirt, ice, or excessive drive inputs from binding or bottoming the Fluidicshok.

Because our patented "Fluidic Damping System" can be double acting, reset is gentle even with the high Liquid Spring force. Three models of the Fluidicshoks are damper types with no reset system. These units feature mono-tube M-series Fluidicshokconstruction and the choice of single or double acting output.

For additional information, request Taylor Devices' General Catalog and Designer's Guide, by mail, phone or fax to our Web Applications Engineer.


1. The most compact and light weight shock available anywhere for applications as demanding as aerospace, at competitive commercial prices. Available in four sizes, 170 in-lbs. to 5,600 in-lbs. capacity. Velocity ranges of 10 to 150 in/sec.
2. Super efficient, having the highest energy capacity for weight, size, and output force of any shock anywhere.
3. Computer designed fluidic metering attenuates kinetic energy and drive inputs smoothly without harsh bottoming, spikes and peaks. Output is a highly efficient square wave that automatically compensates for temperature changes.
4. Corrosion resistant construction, with bronze striker cap, all other external parts are through hardened stainless steel. Stainless steel piston rod is Teflon impregnated. Leakless seals of non-time dated material assure minimum contamination problems and long life.
5. Internal coil spring reset.
6. Non-toxic, non-flammable Tayco Piezoil fluid yields excellent thermal stability over a wide temperature range of -40 degrees F to +160 degrees F.
7. Threaded stud for convenient mounting.


Includes all the features of the M-SERIES standard Fluidicshok®, plus the following heavy duty equipment:

1. Piston rod is totally enclosed and protected by a steel guide sleeve. This allows operation in adverse environments or where sideload or bending loads are imposed on the shock. Guide sleeve is corrosion protected steel.
2. Choice of internal coil spring reset or our exclusive high force liquid spring reset. The liquid spring reset allows firm but gentle reset in outdoor environments subject to ice buildup. In addition, the liquid spring reset is ideal for applications where drive forces must be counterbalanced without "bottoming out" the absorber.
3. No external bottoming stops required.
4. Optional operating temperature range -70 degrees F to +300 degrees F.
5. Optional velocity range of 10 in/sec. to 400 in/sec.