Crane and Industrial Buffers

In a modern steel plant, maximum productivity requires maximum equipment capacity and high operational speeds. In the case of the steel mill overhead traveling crane, higher capacity and higher speed has greatly increased the potential for collision damage.

Almost all electric traveling cranes built in this country utilize some sort of bumper for the purpose of eliminating or minimizing damage. Protection of this type is required for three major types of collisions:
   1. Crane to Crane
   2. Crane to Building
   3. Trolley to Bridge End Stop

A crane bumper (or buffer) is a device installed for the purpose of storing or absorbing the energy of a moving crane, thereby protecting the crane, the building it may operate in, and personnel in the immediate area from damage caused by collision. 
The hydraulic crane buffer has proven itself to be the most reliable and least costly method of protecting crane, operator, and plant from the hazards of crane collisions, even under 100% full speed impact conditions.

Large versions of the Fluidicshok with coil spring reset with capacities of up to 14,000,000 inch-pounds are available in a heavy-duty mill-type design. Over 60 sizes are standard. Long stroke buffers are available with up to 120-inch deflections and capacities to one hundred million inch-pounds, making this the highest capacity standard shock absorber in the world.

Taylor Buffers are fluidic type shock absorbers designed for heavy duty, severe service applications. They absorb the total impact energy of the application and convert this energy to heat. After impact, internally mounted coil springs gently restore the buffer to its original un-stroked condition.

For additional information, request Taylor Devices' Crane Buffer Packet, by mail, phone, or fax to our Web Applications Engineer.

Ordering Notes:
Mountings shown are standard. Optional mounts can be ordered such as: foot, front flange, etc. A.I.S.E. Crane specifications provide for crane buffers mounted on adjacent sides where bridges or trolleys come together. Please specify if this condition is applicable. Special sizes available to 60 in. stroke and 60 million in-lb capacity. Consult factory for details. If you desire, Taylor engineers can recommend a Crane or Industrial Buffer for specific needs.